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Leather Care System

Leather Care System Offered Exclusively by Furniture Retailers. Contact us for a retailer near you in Northern California or Northern Nevada.
Our Leather Care System represents the ultimate in leather care technology. The unique formulations clean, condition, protect and prolong the life of your leather upholstery. Regular use of the Leather Care System by Guardian greatly reduces the need for professional replacement expenses for the life of the warranty and beyond.

This program carries outstanding warranted coverage for accidental:
  • Food or beverage stains
  • Rips, cuts, punctures or burns
  • Ballpoint pen ink or lipstick marks
  • Stains caused by human or pet bodily fluids
The Program Features:
  • Protectors - An exclusive formula that bonds to the surface of the finish top coat to provide a renewable buffer zone and enhance its protective qualities.
  • Cleaners - Formulated to maintain the leather's ideal pH by removing surface contaminants.
  • UV Inhibitor - To help reduce leather fading and breakdown of the plasticizers in the finish top coat caused by ultra-violet light sources.
  • Conditioners - To insure the flexibility of the finish top coat by maintaining the moisture level needed to maintain the leather's natural softness and suppleness.
  • Anti-Static Additive - To help diffuse static electricity and repel damaging airborne dust and dirt which can clog up leather's pores.
  • Full 5 Year Warranty - Covers accidental food and beverage stains, rips, cuts, burns, punctures and more. Toll-free Warranty Service access across North America.
The Leather Care System by Guardian has two warranty programs available:
  • Multiple Item coverage: up to three items
  • Single item coverage: one item
Each warranty comes with a take home furniture care kit containing:
Leather Cleaner
Use for routine cleaning or spot-cleaning to remove stains from leather upholstery.
Leather Conditioner
Formulated to condition and protect leather upholstery after cleaning and to nourish the leather.
Ink and Lipstick Remover
Formulated to remove accidental ballpoint pen ink or lipstick marks from top-coated leather upholstery.

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